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Shanghai University
June 2005

Back From Thailand: May 2002


Gerald Thompson

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CURRENT POSITION:   Foreign Expert  in  Oral English (Diction) at Shanghai University .
Returned to USA August 2005


BA Classical Guitar Performance U of New Orleans 1981

Graduate Schools

1985 M.M. Musicology University of South Dakota

Graduate Guitar:Toronto University (Eli Kassner)

Graduate Guitar: Loyola of New Orleans(Richard Greene) 

Conducting Master Class:Northwestern of Chicago (John Payntor)


1981 BA Music Performance University of New Orleans
Classical Guitar

1975-76 Luthier Apprenticeship Irvin Symogii
Berkeley, California

1961 Executant Musician United States Naval
Military and Ceremonial
School of Music


1973-75 Frank Martinez New Orleans

1976-80 Elias Barriero University of
New Orleans

Graduate Schools:

1980-81 Richard Greene: (Guitar) Loyola University New Orleans
1983-84 Chris Johnson:(Guitar) University of
South Dakota (Vermillion) 

1984 Eli Kassner: (Guitar)Toronto University


Percussion: Rudimental, Melodic, Military, Symphonic, Jazz.

Classical Guitar: Private and Group instruction, lecture recitals, composition, construction and repair.

Vocal and Choral: Vocal methods, solfegio, choral conducting, and composition.

Strings: String methods, conduct string orchestra, coach string quartet and chamber ensembles.

Brass: High and low brass methods, plays Eb Tenor horn, conducts brass band. Brass Class.

Piano: Class instruction,
vocal coaching and
easy accompaniments,
harmony and theory demonstration.


1984-85 L. Torkelson (Choral) University of
South Dakota

1983 R. DeVilbiss(Band) University of
South Dakota(Band)

1983 John Payntor Northwestern University (Band)

1982 John Colson (Orchestra) State University of SD

1979-80 L. Slatkin Tulane University

1960-61 Staff Naval School of Music 


Mr. Thompson is an accomplished music educator, performer, and conductor. He is well known in international luthier circles and performs on classical guitars of his own design and construction. He has experience utilizing music in the classroom at elementary, secondary and University levels.

Mr. Thompson is very interested in Brass Bands. His experience came Brass Banding with Onslow Evening Post, a leading brass band in the movement in New Zealand. He also conducted the Porirua Metro Ford Brass Band on two occasions while there. He has participated in the Metropolitan Silver Brass Band in Toronto on Eb Tenor horn. He is editor of
The Shepherds Crook, the online newsletter of the American Brass Band Association.
   He coached  University Band Percussion  and used Choral Procedures in His Classroom techniques at Shenzhen University in PR China.
  He taught private guitar Students while in China.  He recently returned from Shanghai University where he served as Foreign Expert in Oral English the 2004-2005 academic year.