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IT Literacy

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Computer Experience


Mr. Thompson learned computing as an avid student in the 2nd largest computer user group in the world. He is familiar with hardware and software
issues, desktop publishing concerns, Web Design, LAN management.

He has taught computer literacy classes, Windows 3.1, 95/98 operating systems, and Microsoft Office 2000.
He worked help desk at Alamo PC organization in San Antonio. He teaches Senior Comp, a basic 'hands on' Internet and operating system introduction
for Seniors..

Mr. Thompson worked with the CHCS (Medical) software system of the US Department of

Both the client and server sides of Windows NT have been
studied and utilized by Mr. Thompson. He is familiar
with relational database systems. He has had an introduction to the Oracle gateway. Linux is a new interest. 

Mr. Thompson has designed and published sites in Net Objects Fusion, Front Page, Trellix and other HTML editors.

Currently he is interested in
Web Design, networks, computer security, computational biology, Linux Server,BIND Software
and infinite bandwidth. 

Actively assisted in maintenance of a multi-vendor LAN at a Toronto HRDC. (This was the lab portion of MCSE + Internet training.)

Assisted in the tear-down and re-set-up of this LAN .
Both Novell and Windows NT were deployed.
He served as an assistant to the Administrator of this LAN. This job required  utilizing most networking devices and protocols.

He has assembled , rearranged, cabled, and has dealt with software as well as hardware issues here. This LAN has expanded
three times and moved totally one time. This has provided a wealth of hands on experience including utilization of both the client and serverside of Windows NT.. .